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Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Should FBA (Foundational Black America) establish its own economy? Should it build infrastructure to support its own legacy as a separate nation? While we may be ages from materialising a separate nation we could establish generational wealth as a foundational step in that direction. In the Aquarian Age E-commerce has changed the face of the globe trade.

Consumerism is an outdated program that needs to be updated. Aligning with the shift of the global economy will assure that freedom will survive.

Surviving the current debt-wealth society should the focus be on ownership as a method to aggregate power? A network of entrepreneurs who collectively control their own destiny. Lets debunk the notion that one must acquire a debt like college in order to have access to capital and ultimately wealth. Most wealth is transferred inter-generationally so little manual labour was done beyond the inheritance.

Susu economics provide an excellent and ancient crowd funding startup business model.

What is a Susu? Susu is a form of rotating savings and credit association, a type of informal savings club arrangement between a small group of people who take turns by "throwing hand", as the partners call it. The name is used in Africa (especially West Africa) and the Caribbean. The basic principle is that each member of the group makes a standard contribution to a common fund once per time period. Then each period the total contributions are disbursed to a single member of the group. The recipient changes each period in a rotating fashion such that all the members of the group are eventually recipients.

Using this model for business it provides every member the capital needed to open a small startup which maybe all you need for the right small business. Members would securely save and access their own money, and gain some limited access to credit, a form of microfinance. It also establishes a small business network of entrepreneurs who could collectively own and control their own economy.

Would you join a Merry Go Round?

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